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Community Policing & NCPCs

The City of Oakland has an ordinance that directs our police force to implement community policing. The city is broken up into 35 distinct police beats which are further disected into 53 COMMUNITY Police Beats. Each CPB is represented by a Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council.

Where did we get the data?

The City of Oakland provided the shapefiles of the boundaries.

Why should I care what beat I'm in?

In some communities these NCPCs act as more like planning councils, in some they are purely focused on crime issues. If you want to get civicly involved in your community, these are great places to start. They often have broad participation in the community and connect residents to local problems and opportunities.

How did we make the map? (for the geeks)


Although we got all the data from the city, we are not an official source for looking up your beat. For that, go here and have fun trying to find your house!

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